National Cleanup Day,
September 18, 2021

Come to the El Sobrante Library Saturday at 10 AM or sign up online
A local, El Sobrante/Richmond (94803)
community-wide event
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Read our cleanup safety tips before participating
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I’m moving. How do I get rid of old stuff?

Keep El Sobrante 94803
Clean and Beautiful

Dear El Sobrante and Richmond Neighbors,

We love the El Sobrante area, which includes parts of unincorporated Contra Costa County and parts of the City of Richmond. However, the growing litter and illegal dumping problems here defiles the natural beauty of our commujnity and impacts our quality of life. It’s not only ugly – it’s bad for the environment and wildlife, attracts vermin and spreads disease.

We’ve had enough! We deserve better. 

It’s up to all of us, our village, to do our part to Keep El Sobrante Clean and Beautiful. So please join us on National Cleanup Day on Saturday, September 18, 2021 to launch an ongoing effort to clean and beautify our town.

– The El Sobrante Green Team

 The El Sobrante Green Teams are community volunteers sponsored in part by the El Sobrante Chamber of Commerce.

I want to be a part of our local volunteer event!

Waiver to participate link

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Check back soon for more updates on this event. 

Handy links

Frequently Asked Questions about waste disposal and cleanup

Email us.

How do I report an illegal dump?

What is going on for National Cleanup Day, Saturday, September 18, 2021?

I’m moving. How do I get rid of old stuff?

Join or Form a Cleanup Team

* Businesses * Property Owners * Residents * Apartment Complexes * Schools * Places of Worship * Neighborhood Associations * Organizations * Anyone and Everyone to step up and participate by forming a team to do the following:

  • Pick up litter (masks, gloves, fast food containers, plastic, wrappers, cigarette butts, large items, etc.)
  • Clean up your property down to the streets and gutters, in your parking lots, on your block, or a trouble spot in your area. 
  • Adopt a spot you can clean up on a regular basis

More things to do 

Every day is a new chance for us to make a difference!

  • Pull up those weeds, plant some drought-resistant flowers
  • Refresh the paint on your property that has been an eyesore to your neighbors for a while
  • Paint a mural (Warning: May need permits)
  • Clean up grafitti
  • Collect trash along the creek

Take pride in knowing that our community cares about keeping El Sobrante beautiful. Together we will make a difference!

– The El Sobrante Green Team

Support our sponsors and endorsers

Businesses and Groups

El Sobrante Chamber of Commerce 

Kaliente Restaurant

Sikh Community Center of San Francisco Bay Area

Rancho Liquor

Central Foods

El Sobrante Green Team

The Pedaler bicycle shop


El Sobrante Wheel and Brake

Hair Fashion Hair Salon

G&L Haircuts

Citizens for a Greener El Sobrante

Citizens for Greener Communities

94803 Emergency Preparedness Alliance

SOS Richmond 

Creative Xpressions /

Officials and Agencies

Contra Costa County Sup. John Gioia

Richmond City Councilmember Gayle McLaughlin, District 5

State Sen. Nancy Skinner

El Sobrante Public Library

James Roberson, Parks Equipment Parts Specialist, City of Richmond – Public Works Dept, Parks Maintenance Div.

Greg Hardesty, Parks & Landscaping Superintendent, City of Richmond, Public Works Dept., Parks Maintenance Div.


Community volunteers, residents and businesses working with local agencies to improve the quality of life in El Sobrante


Members of the Green Team mostly live in El Sobrante and are involved in community organizing. We know what we’re doing.


We know that keeping El Sobrante clean and beautiful is a long-term commitment that will involve generations of our residents

Hillside, San Pablo creek, oaks, town

Please join us on Saturday, September 18, 2021.

El Sobrante Green Teams for the entire 94803 Zip code district

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Form or join a team with friends, neighbors, school, place of worship, businesses or organizations to remove litter and trash from our town. Volunteer today to be a part of change.

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• Be part of the world’s largest volunteer event.

• Support our 94803 community.
• Keep El Sobrante & Richmond clean and beautiful.

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