El Sobrante / Richmond / 94803

Sept.18 Stroll, Sept. 24 Coastal Cleanup!

Check out this video by Ali Estrada, showing our contingent in The El Sobrante Stroll September 18 — and get ready for the Coastal Cleanup September 24 (download flyer), 9:30 AM at El Sobrante Public Library, 4191 Appian Way (or email us about joining in).

The monthly Third Saturday Cleanup is bumped this month for the Coastal Cleanup event September 24, cosponsored by our good friends, the SPAWNERS. Then, on October 15, it’s back to our regular monthly cleanups to pick up litter in a designated part of town on the third Saturday each month at the ES Public Library. Our events are all free and always fun, so come on down and join in on the Third Saturday each month!

Earlier this year, we decided to celebrate Earth Day with a Spring Cleanup on April 23 (información en Español aquí) and a Martin Luther King Day of Service (January 15), following last year’s big National Cleanup Day (September, 2021) in El Sobrante. We work in conjunction with the SPAWNERS, C4GES and other local groups. Click here to get more involved, or just meet up at the El Sobrante Public Library.

Report a pile: 1-800-NO DUMPING

We have a beautiful little town. Sign up here to make it even better!

Keep El Sobrante 94803
Clean and Beautiful

Dear El Sobrante and Richmond Neighbors,

We love the El Sobrante area, which includes parts of unincorporated Contra Costa County and parts of the City of Richmond. However, the growing litter and illegal dumping problems here defiles the natural beauty of our commujnity and impacts our quality of life. It’s not only ugly – it’s bad for the environment and wildlife, attracts vermin and spreads disease.

We’ve had enough! We deserve better. 

It’s up to all of us, our village, to do our part to Keep El Sobrante Clean and Beautiful. So please join us on National Cleanup Day and at our regular clean up events to launch an ongoing effort to clean and beautify our town.

– The El Sobrante Green Team

Email us for more information

More things to do 

Businesses * Property Owners * Residents * Apartment Complexes * Schools * Places of Worship * Neighborhood Associations * Organizations * Anyone and Everyone can step up individually or form a team to do the following:

  • Pick up litter (masks, gloves, fast food containers, plastic, wrappers, cigarette butts, large items, etc.)
  • Clean up your property down to the streets and gutters, in your parking lots, on your block, or a trouble spot in your area. 
  • Adopt a spot you can clean up on a regular basis

Every day is a new chance for us to make a difference! You can help us keep El Sobrante beautiful. Here are some more ideas:

  • Pull up weeds, plant some native, drought-resistant flowers to beautify
  • Refresh the paint on your property that’s been an eyesore for a while
  • Clean up grafitti
  • Paint a mural (Warning: May need permits)
  • Collect trash along the creek
Third Saturday roadside cleanup

On the third Saturday each month, we pick target locations and fan out in teams. Meet at El Sobrante library parking lot at 10 AM, return equipment at noon. Or, pick your own spot and schedule.10 AM – Noon. El Sobrante Public Library, 4191 Appian Way. See sidebar calendar for upcoming dates.

Take pride in knowing that our community cares about keeping El Sobrante beautiful. Together we will make a difference!

Caltrans Reporting Form

Use the Caltrans Customer Service online reporting form to notify Caltrans of blight or dumping on State Freeways and state roads. It features a map to report the location of your concern. To set the marker on the site of your concern within the California State Highway System, click anywhere on the map or drag it. Otherwise, simply call 916-654-2852.

– The El Sobrante Green Team

Scenes from Sept. 18, 2021 Cleanup