Disposal resource list

People don’t need to be dumping or littering. We have the resources available to dispose of these items without leaving them on the streets. Here is a list of ways to get rid of that trash and old stuff in a responsible manner.

Litter and dumping aren’t just ugly. They draw rats and can spread disease.

Here’s how we can help you prevent illegal dumping

Together we can reduce and eliminate these unsightly blights. 

Your neighbors are fighting back against illegal dumpers. It’s easy to help. Be proactive and join us! Let’s keep our neighborhoods clean and beautiful. Here’s a handy list o

  • Call 925-313-7000 to report the location of illegal dumps whenever you see one.
    Or email [email protected] to report the dump location and description.
  • Litter: Pick up litter on the streets near your home to discourage pests and other dumpers. Join Next Door’s El Sobrante Neighborhood Cleanup to participate in group cleanups.
  • Moving: If you or your neighbors are moving, the nearest dump is Golden Bear Transfer, 1 Parr Boulevard, Richmond. Another is Berkeley Transfer, 1201 Second St., Berkeley.
  • Donations: Encourage everyone to donate reusable items to charity
  • Recycle electronic waste, scrap metal, glass, fluorescent lights, etc., at El Cerrito Recycling, 7501 Schmidt Lane, El Cerrito.
  • Large trash pickups: Each residence gets 1 bulky item and 2 extra-large trash pick-ups per year. 925-685-4711.
  • Mattresses: Anyone can drop off — for FREE — up to 3 mattresses or box springs per month at Bye Bye Mattress, 101 Pittsburgh Ave, Richmond.
  • Used or Old Tires: Most tire shops will recycle them for you at no cost.
  • Hauling services: If you use friends or hire anyone to remove trash or debris, be sure to get the dump receipt.
  • Licensed haulers: For furniture, trash or debris disposal, refer them to a licensed hauler only such as Junk Cat.
  • Old paint: https://www.paintcare.org/drop-off-locations/#/find-a-drop-off-site? 855-724-6809

See the El Sobrante Municipal Advisory Council website for more info and resources. The  illegal dumping subcommittee currently meets every other month via Zoom. Check  www.contracosta.ca.gov/7910/Illegal-Dumping-Subcommittee for details.