Pick a location

Pick a location. Target areas for Sept. 18 Cleanup in 94803 Zip Code

Look at details of each section by clicking on the area number on the list below, or go down to the gallery of maps to view maps. Fill in area number(s) in the participation form.

Area 1 – San Pablo Dam Road from I-80 to Morrow Drive
Area 2 – San Pablo Dam Rd., Morrow Dr. to Mifflin
Area 3 – San Pablo Dam Rd., Mifflin to El Portal
Area 4 – El Portal, San Pablo Dam Rd. to Via Verde
Area 5 – El Portal, I-80 to Via Verde
Area 6 – San Pablo Dam Rd., El Portal to Hillcrest
Area 7 – San Pablo Dam Rd., Hillcrest to Appian Way
Area 8 – Appian Way, San Pablo Dam Rd. to La Paloma
Area 9 – Appian Way, Valley View triangle
Area 10 – San Pablo Dam Rd., Appian Way to Clark
Area 11 – SP Dam Rd., Clark past May to Greenridge
Area 12 – San Pablo Dam Rd., Greenridge to Valley View
Area 13 – San Pablo Dam Rd., Valley View to Castro Ranch
Area 14 – Castro Ranch, Carriage Hills area
Area 15 – Valley View, San Pablo to Amend
Area 16 – Valley View, Amend to Morningside
Area 17 – SP Dam Rd., Castro Ranch to Kennedy Grove
Area 18 – Castro Ranch, SP Dam Rd to Olinda / Hillside
Area 19 – Appian Way, La Paloma to Rincon

Overview map of cleanup areas
Overview of Zip Code