94803 EPA

Emergency Preparedness Alliance

Fire safety affects everybody.

Note: CAL FIRE maps are being updated to reflect current conditions. The map presented here is a composite of the best available data from CAL Fire. Check out the new 94803 EPA website to learn more.

In the face of increasing threats from wildfire, it is time for a new, more effective, regional approach to keep residents safe. This grassroots effort is a coalition of community organizations working with county staff and elected officials.

Wildfires do not respect political boundaries so fire prevention and vegetation management should be regional efforts. The California Government Code authorizes public agencies to form an agreement to jointly exercise any power common to them.

Contact 94803 Emergency Preparedness Alliance to find out how you can help. And check out the new 94803 EPA website to learn more about this local organization.

View a presentation on why and how localities can work together to reduce fire danger and improve responses.

94803 EPA.

The 94803 Zip Code Postal Zone includes parts of Richmond and unincorporated El Sobrante

Contra Costa County California

“We need to keep El Sobrante clean, beautiful – and fire safe.”

– Mikki Norris,
ES Municipal Advisory Council member

I want to help promote fire safety in El Sobrante